Amerant Social Media - Twitter Guidelines

The @AmerantBank and @AmerantBankES are Twitter accounts created by Amerant to share information about our bank with the community, and to provide customer assistance Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm E.S.T., excluding bank holidays. @AmerantBank communications are shared in English, and @AmerantBankES communications are shared in Spanish. We’re happy to be able to help our clients via these two Twitter accounts; however, due to Twitter platform limitations and banking restrictions, there are limits as to what information can be shared via this public forum. Amerant would like to provide a positive and amicable Twitter experience to the public via its two Twitter accounts. Therefore, we request of our Twitter followers and community to please be courteous and respectful to others, and to avoid posting spam or inappropriate content within our Twitter feed. Amerant reserves the right to remove content and to “Block/Unfollow” any user who breaches our Twitter Guiding principles. Please be advised that our Twitter accounts are public, which means that anyone can see our tweets. Unless you protect your tweets (something you can do in your Twitter account settings), anyone would be able to see your tweets and your tweets may even show up in search-engine results. Any customer service inquiry that refers to a business or personal account, or that is related to an urgent, sensitive or confidential matter, should be addressed using other customer service channels, including: If confidential communication is preferred, we request that this communication be done via Twitter’s Direct Message or via e-mail at In this communication, please write your name, and contact information, so that our Customer Service Team may follow up with you personally. Amerant Bank will never ask you to share any personal or account information on Twitter. Twitter is a Social Media Platform run and operated by a third party not related to Amerant Bank. In this platform, posts and comments can be viewed and expressed by anyone who desires to do so through a Twitter account. Please DO NOT post any sensitive personal or account information such as: card number, account information, Social Security, passwords, confidential, and any other Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI). Amerant Bank is not responsible for any Non-Public Personal Information posted on the Amerant Bank Twitter accounts. Amerant Bank is not responsible for Twitter’s privacy or security policy. For more information on Twitter’s Terms of Service, please visit: