With the services offered by Amerant1, your assets are more secure with the benefit of professional advice. Tailored-made solutions presented in an easy and understandable way, guaranteeing confidentiality. We offer you a whole line of services that respond to your needs and that are specially designed by qualified professionals to offer you the greatest advantages. Among its advantages, these services allow you to transfer the management of the assets to the trustee that administers them, for the benefit of individuals designated by you, to have security and confidentiality in their fiduciary procedures, and obtain other advantages2 that vary according to the characteristics of the agreement.

As trustees we take pride in being your advisors, involving wealth planning as well as your own legal and accounting professionals, to proactively implement a dynamic action plan in this constantly-evolving environment.

Our approach is to help you carry out a legacy for you and your family.

Our Trust Services

  • Acting as trustees for onshore and offshore trusts
  • Setting up and managing offshore private interest foundations
  • Life insurance trust
  • Revocable, grantor and living trusts
  • Irrevocable and testamentary trusts
  • Trust management for inexperienced, incapacitated or minor beneficiaries
  • Personal Investment Companies
  • Escrow Accounts

What's Next

Our experience combined with a thorough methodology to guarantee the achievement of your goals.
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Trust Benefits

By establishing a fiduciary structure, such as a trust, you may provide a secure means for management of your assets within the guidance you specify.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to provide you with more information about trusts and help you better understand the reasoning behind them.
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Trust Terms

We believe in knowledgeable customers, hence why we want you to have this glossary with the most common terms.
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Important Legal Disclosures and Information