Efficiently manage Payables, Receivables, and Liquidity.
More control over your transactions with a faster processing.
Receive detailed reporting.
Integrate Treasury Management into accounting functions and financial workflows.
The account balances you maintain generate an Earnings Credit to offset the monthly service charge.
Our Products
International Products

Business Analysis
Providing an easy and efficient tool to analyze your account activity and manage banking fees.
  • High balances can offset competitive fees with an Earnings Credit

Business Checking Plus
For businesses with moderate balances and high transaction activity.
  • The first 400 transactions are free per statement cycle
  • A $5,000 balance per statement waives service fees

Digital Services
Learn more about our three digital banking platforms, each with powerful solutions designed for the size and stage of your business. Learn More
  • Amerant Online BankingSM is ideal to manage both personal and business accounts easily and from anywhere
  • Amerant TreasuryConnectSM for Small Business is a platform designed for small businesses
  • Amerant TreasuryConnectSM is a feature-packed solution to gain complete control of your business banking with the ability to initiate internal transfers, ACH, Positive Pay and wires

ACH Fraud Control
Minimize your company’s exposure against unauthorized incoming ACH debits and credits.
  • You set specific control parameters on your accounts to define which ACH transactions are allowed
  • All unauthorized ACH transactions will be returned

ACH Services
Solution for originating and receiving payments electronically: direct deposit for payroll, pre-authorized debits, and payments to vendors.
  • Efficient and cost effective solution
  • Enables your business to streamline electronic transactions

Business Bill Pay
Secure way to pay your business’ bills to anyone, at anytime.
  • Easy way to pay and receive all the bills online, from anywhere, and never miss a due date again
  • Stop buying stamps and worrying about whether a payment was delayed or lost in the mail- take control of managing the payments
  • Schedule recurring or one-time payments
  • Make the most of your cash flow by having payments withdrawn from your business account when they are due

Business Loan Sweep
Automated Treasury Management tool that calculates available balance and compares it to an established target balance.
  • Based on your net cash position, the Business Loan Sweep automatically advances to the business Checking Account or pays down the Line of Credit

Cash Vault Services
Designed for businesses that make frequent cash deposits and require an inventory of coin and currency to be picked up and delivered by an armored car carrier.
  • The Smart Safe solution can be installed at your business location for deposit processing

Lockbox Services
Services that accelerate the collection and posting of your receivables.
  • Payments are sent to a unique lockbox address where mail is retrieved and processed quickly
  • Information captured is available same-day through our lockbox browser for you to update your receivables

Positive Pay Service
Automated fraud detection tool to effectively guard against check fraud.
  • Compare your check issue file to the checks received for payment, matching the check number and dollar amount
  • Any exceptions will be reported to you through Amerant TreasuryConnectSM for your review and decision to pay or return

Remote Deposit
Convenient, quick and easy way to deposit checks from your office.
  • Streamline and improve the efficiency of processing check deposits
  • Reduce time, cost and risk related to trips to the bank
  • Scan your checks and the images are transmitted to the bank for deposit to your business account

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)
Automating the funding of disbursement accounts to a single master account.
  • Centralize the cash to be able to put it to better interest rates
  • Maximize use of cash
  • Eliminates the manual tasks of monitoring and transferring to each individual account

Important Legal Disclosures and Information
Important Legal Disclosures and Information