Welcome to Our Future

Amerant strives to be a leader in the markets we serve. Being a leader comes with responsibility. That’s why, as a company, we are proud to “do the right thing.”

To this end, we have formalized our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework to identify opportunities that can make a positive impact through our operations, products, and services – everything we do. We did extensive research and heard ideas from a diverse group of stakeholders who shared their perspectives with us. With this information, we established priorities and set specific goals that will allow us to measure our progress along the way.

We all have a role in this mission. Together, we’ll make ESG part of our DNA and consider everything we do through its lens.

The Pillars

Empowering Our People for Shared Success

We dedicate our time and resources to benefit our communities, ensuring Amerant has a talented, diverse, and supported workforce to bring the best service to our customers every day.

Promoting Economic Mobility in Our Communities

We work tirelessly to empower our customers and bridge the gap faced by communities of all income levels, by providing access to finance and building trusted banking relationships.

Building Climate Resilience

Our innovative products and services help our communities and customers address the unique impacts of climate change and environmental degradation, driving sustainable outcomes and financial gains.

The Foundation of Everything We Do

We uphold our commitments to sound governance, business ethics and compliance.

How We "Walk the Talk"

We lead by example.

The 2021 ESG Report

Our Community Stories