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12-Month CD

4.00% APY*
12 Months

Offer ends February 2, 2023.

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Maximize Your Goals with an Amerant CD

Deposits are FDIC insured

No checking account required

Simple. Just link your bank account and open your CD.

Simple online application

Convenient. Opening your CD is a quick 4-step process.

Monitor from anywhere

Smart. Check interest earned and account balance anytime, anyplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why open a CD with Amerant Bank? Let us count the ways.

A great savings experience with market-leading rates. A long history that reflects a strong reputation and dedication to client relationships. When we talk, others listen. As the 5th largest bank in Florida, and among the top 2% of banks in the nation ranked by asset size, Amerant Bank, N.A. carries some weight.

How do I open a CD? This will blow your mind, it’s so easy.

To open a CD, please visit a nearby branch or apply at the links above.

What’s the minimum opening deposit for a CD? Everyone has to start somewhere.

The minimum opening deposit is $10,000 balance.

Is there a limit to how much money I can put in my account? While the possibilities are endless, we do have a limit line per account.

We have a $250,000 limit per account up to a total of $500,000.

How do I fund my CD? So easy, it practically funds itself!

Within our application, you can set up an ACH to fund your CD automatically.

Is there a balance required to avoid a fee? Staying feeless is staying fearless.

We do not charge regular monthly service fees on CDs. There is a minimum opening deposit of $10,000 balance for our CDs, An Early Withdrawal Penalty will apply if you withdraw funds prior to maturity.

What happens when my CD reaches its maturity date? Do you stay or do you go.

Your CD will automatically renew for the same term at the interest rate in effect on the maturity date. You may withdraw the funds without penalty during the 10-day grace period from the maturity date.

Can I make deposits to my existing CD?

You may not make any deposits to your CD during its term. Deposits are allowed only at maturity and during the grace period.

Can I make withdrawals from my CD? Maturity comes with its benefits.

Withdrawals are only allowed at maturity and during the CD grace period. If you choose to make a withdrawal prior to maturity, an Early Withdrawal Penalty will apply.

Are there early withdrawal penalties? Unfortunately, yes. There is a penalty box.

There is an Early Withdrawal Penalty if you withdraw all or a portion of your CD principal prior to maturity, reducing earnings. We calculate all early withdrawal penalties on the principal amount withdrawn at the interest rate in effect on the account on the withdrawal date. The Early Withdrawal Penalty is an amount equal to 180 days of interest on the amount withdrawn, at the simple interest rate applicable to the Time Deposit, regardless of whether the funds withdrawn have remained on deposit for more or less than 180 days. These penalties are waived upon death or legal incompetence of any certificate owner.

How is the interest paid?

The interest is compounded and paid monthly. Interest may not be credited to another account other than the same CD at this time.