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The Brand

Amerant’s innovative visual identity is strong, yet approachable, thanks to friendly modern typography. Its organic traits represent the human side of the brand and the company’s empathy toward its customers.

With this brand the organization wants to be as close as possible to its customers, offering them products and services tailored to their needs while focusing on local markets.

This fresh identity demonstrates adaptability, forward thinking and propels the brand to a higher level.

The brand must never be altered, modified or recreated. Any attempt to modify or alter our logo is a direct violation of our brand policy.

The brand’s correct pronunciation is as follows: [am-er-ant].

Brand Identity


RGB 0 0 0
HEX E35205
CMYK 0 76 100 0

Brand Versions

Black Logo

RGB 0 0 0
HEX 000000
CMYK 0 0 0 100

Inverted Logo

RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0

Minimum Brand Size

In all communications and brand versions, legibility must be preserved. To ensure this, a minimum size has been established. The brand should not be reproduced in a smaller size than the specified one, as doing so compromises its readability.

If the brand needs to be used in a smaller size, an approval must be requested according to the protocol established by Corporate Brand Management.

URL Treatment

The “” URL must always be set in the font Big City Grotesque Pro – Black weight.

The URL should be in white when applied over the orange background. Orange and Dark Gray should be used when applied over a white background.


  • Do not incorporate elements that invade the logo’s protection area
  • Do not change the logo’s proportion
  • Do not stretch the logo
  • Do not outline the logo
  • Do not recreate, distort, add, or change any elements of the logo
  • Do not alter the color of the typography
  • Do not add drop shadows or other effects to the logo
  • Do not change the logo orientation
  • Do not try to recreate the font
  • Do not use the logo on backgrounds that affect its visibility

Color Palette

Amerant Orange

Pantone® 166 C
RGB 227 82 5
HEX E35205
CMYK 0 76 100 0

This is the color that represents our brand. Orange for dynamism, movement, and technology.


Pantone® 2012 C
RGB 239 150 0
HEX EF9600
CMYK 0 45 100 0

Light Blue

Pantone® 631 C
RGB 62 177 200
CMYK 74 0 13 0


Pantone® 541 C
RGB 0 60 113
HEX 003C71
CMYK 100 58 9 46


Pantone® 710 C
RGB 224 62 82
HEX E03E52
CMYK 0 84 46 0

Light Gray

Pantone® 663 C
RGB 237 237 237
CMYK 0 0 0 10

Dark Gray

Pantone® 424 C
RGB 102 102 102
HEX 666666
CMYK 0 0 0 70

Our secondary colors must be used across our visual communications. These colors can help bring diversity and balance to the design. They can be used on a variety of graphic elements (icons, graphics, illustrations, etc.)


Big City Grotesque Pro is our primary headline typeface family and can be used in most cases, with the regular version being used for headers and titles. This font family has been selected because of its legibility and versatility.

Marine is our secondary typeface should be used on subheads, captions, full quotes, infographics, and other small blocks of text that add information to the primary level of text. For copy-heavy documents, such as articles and reports, use Marine Regular for better legibility.

Trebutchet MS is the alternative for web safe usage instead of Big City Grotesque Pro.

Lato is the alternative for web safe usage instead of Marine.

Verdana is approved for corporate use (Slide presentations, corporate mailings, etc.). This typeface should be used since it is found in all computers by default.

Personality And Communication Tone

Amerant’s communications should always reflect empathy and the close relationship it has or wants to develop with every customer. Our tone uses a personalized, thoughtful, straightforward and honest voice to inspire trust in its audience.

The content should always reflect the main brand attributes: trustworthiness, high touch service and community orientation.


Friendly 65%
Innovative 45%
Joyful 35%

Communication tone

Level of formality 60%
Colloquial language 20%

You - “Tú” Or “Usted” In Spanish

To be able to provide this level of personalization, we have to consider:

  • To whom the communication is addressed
  • The Business Unit, company or segment that sends it
  • The type of communication (mass or direct).

Depending on these variables, the treatment will be “Tú” or “Usted”.

  • For Institutional communications addressed to audiences such as: shareholders, government or related, the “Usted” is maintained.
  • When several segments (included sophisticated ones such as Private Banking) are addressed in the same communication, the “Usted” prevails


Images are a key tool to communicate the brand value proposition. We select each image in accordance with the brand attributes to enhance communication.

  • Grandparents
  • Businesspeople
  • Birthday
  • House
  • Coffee shop
  • Downtown

Amerant Amplifier

Amplifier Layout - Marketing

Our marketing graphic system uses the letter “A” of our brand as a shape or window that frames moments.

You can use the orange and secondary colors (blue, light blue, yellow, pink and gray) for backgrounds. The “A Shape Window” should appear in every application and the images must have orange accents to preserve the brand’s presence. When you have communications with various frames, it is not necessary to use orange accents in every image.

  • When using the “A Shape Window”, the head must protrude from the “A Shape” to create depth.

Background Highlight - Marketing

In this application of the graphic system, the “A Shape Window” serves as an element to highlight the aspirations, projects and dreams that people want to achieve with Amerant.

We create a composition using the “A Shape Window” and the models in the picture.

  • The background of the photograph should have a transparent mask with an overlay of one of the colors from our palette.
  • The transparency of the color layer must be set from 80% to 90%.
  • The transparency must let you see the details of the background without losing its color, and shouldn’t deter focus from the main model.

Amplifier Shape - Alternative

The solid color “A Shape” is used in this case as a graphic element in the composition containing the copy. This alternative may be used in place of the “A Shape Window”

The solid color “A Shape” can only be used geared towards the following inclinations: 45º, 90º, -45º and -90º.

This shape or container is always placed at the top or bottom of the composition, behind the people of the photograph, separating them from the background and highlighting them.

This alternative must be applied exclusively as a background element and using the colors included in our color palette.

A Letter - Corporate

Our corporate graphic system uses the letter “A” of our brand. It represents the principles of our identity and evokes the brand’s innovative spirit.

  • Use the Dark Orange color on the “A Shape” when the background is orange. See color values below.

Dark orange Pantone® 7580

RGB 209 84 32
HEX D15420
CMYK 0 77 97 15

  • If you need to print in black and white: apply black 70% for the “A Shape” color and black 10% or white for the background color.
  • The “A Shape” should appear in every application.


The Amerant icon system is simple and modern. The icons are reduced to their minimal form expressing essential features for immediate recognition.

If it is necessary to create new icons, it must be done following these guidelines:

  • Use thin but consistent strokes for the icons.
  • The main icons can also be used inside a plain colored circle, following the brand´s main color palette
  • Do not change the thickness of the stroke in the icon.
  • Do not apply colors that are not included in the brand color palette.

Main icon set

Interface icon set

Secondary icons were created for those cases which required the icons to be more visible.

Amerant Brand Center

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