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The Brand Core

The Amerant Bank brand center exists to help media and partners effectively communicate – from a visual perspective, all things Amerant. The center establishes guidelines for the proper usage of all brand related items, as well as creative asset versions for different applications. While it primarily offers visual tools and guidelines, we hope it also inspires and informs throughout the creative process.

These foundational guidelines have the mission of establishing consistency with the brand and identity at all times of use. They have been designed based on different needs partners and media may have with a focus of consistency in use.

Usage of this guide allows everyone to have first-hand experience of the Amerant Bank brand.

Brand Strategy

Brand Statement

By leveraging our experience and knowledge, we proactively anticipate your financial needs based on where you are and where you plan to go. We appreciate that everyone’s journey and goals are different, and our commitment is to inspire you and support you along the way. 

We combine traditions and innovations to offer a diverse portfolio of financial solutions to meet your evolving preferences and priorities. 

You have choices to create a relationship that is uniquely yours and backed by a team of financial partners that share your vision for what’s ahead.

High touch service / Customer centered

  • Dynamic
  • Adaptable
  • Attentive
  • Diligent
  • Responsive
  • Innovative


  • Dependable
  • Insightful
  • Solid
  • Transparent
  • Reliable

Community orientation

  • Caring
  • Responsible
  • Committed
  • Inspiring
  • Purposeful

Personality And Communication Tone

Amerant’s communications should always reflect empathy and the close relationship it has or wants to develop with every customer. Our tone uses a personalized, thoughtful, straightforward and honest voice to inspire trust in its audience.

The content should always reflect the main brand attributes: trustworthiness, high touch service and community orientation.


Friendly 65%
Innovative 45%
Joyful 35%

Communication tone

Level of formality 60%
Colloquial language 20%

You - “Tú” Or “Usted” In Spanish

To be able to provide this level of personalization, we have to consider:

  • To whom the communication is addressed
  • The Business Unit, company or segment that sends it
  • The type of communication (mass or direct).

Depending on these variables, the treatment will be “Tú” or “Usted”.

  • For Institutional communications addressed to audiences such as: shareholders, government or related, the “Usted” is maintained.
  • When several segments (included sophisticated ones such as Private Banking) are addressed in the same communication, the “Usted” prevails
Amerant Brand Center

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