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The Brand Core

The Amerant Bank brand center exists to help media and partners effectively communicate – from a visual perspective, all things Amerant. The center establishes guidelines for the proper usage of all brand related items, as well as creative asset versions for different applications. While it primarily offers visual tools and guidelines, we hope it also inspires and informs throughout the creative process.

These foundational guidelines have the mission of establishing consistency with the brand and identity at all times of use. They have been designed based on different needs partners and media may have with a focus of consistency in use.

Usage of this guide allows everyone to have first-hand experience of the Amerant Bank brand.

Brand Strategy

Brand Statement

By leveraging our experience and knowledge, we proactively anticipate your financial needs based on where you are and where you plan to go. We appreciate that everyone’s journey and goals are different, and our commitment is to inspire you and support you along the way. 

We combine traditions and innovations to offer a diverse portfolio of financial solutions to meet your evolving preferences and priorities. 

You have choices to create a relationship that is uniquely yours and backed by a team of financial partners that share your vision for what’s ahead.


To provide our customers with the financial products and services they need to achieve personal success and life goals, through a diverse, inspired and talented team focused on providing superior customer service and a strong commitment to personal involvement in the communities we serve, all of which results in increased shareholder value.


Be well known and respected as a top-performing commercial bank, by thinking of ourselves as the customer first and making banking with us easy and convenient to do.
Our top priority is to deliver a digital seamless experience for our customers while building long-lasting relationships to help them achieve personal success and life goals, and in doing so, driving outstanding shareholder value. We are committed to being known as a best place to work, supporting the communities in which we live and work and fostering sustainable practices in everything we do.

Our Customers come first

Our customers always come first. We pride ourselves in the establishment of long-lasting relationships and becoming our customers' champion so they can achieve their personal success and life goals.

We Treat Each Other as we would want to be treated

We strive to be the employer of choice by focusing on providing the right environment where our team members can grow and thrive.

We build stronger Communities

We are committed to promote an environment in which people gets inspired by giving back to the communities we serve and foster sustainable practices.

We are Stronger Together

We are committed to a just and fair culture, based on inclusion and diversity. We operate with integrity, trust, and respect for each other, while always seeking collaboration, candor, openness, and transparency.

We strive to consistently Exceed Expectations

We are focused on always challenging ourselves to do things better. We encourage appropriate risk taking, encourage curiosity and innovation, learn from our mistakes, look to continuously improve and strive for excellence.

We hold ourselves Accountable, and do what is Right

We measure ourselves against the highest standards of ethic, integrity and responsibility.


It’s time to use your imagination.
To imagine a place where just being there makes you smile.
A place you’d want to tell your family and friends about.
Imagine if from the get-go, it was obvious this place was filled with people you can trust.
And just imagine if each of those people see more for yourself than you may see in yourself…
with countless ways to help ensure your success, your happiness, and your well-being.
Now imagine if that place… was a bank.
Well imagine that!  There is one. We’re Amerant.
And we exist for those seeking a bank focused on purpose as much as performance.
For those wanting a bank committed to both its customers and the communities it serves.
A bank where in a digital driven world, strives to grow personal, emotional, and yes, human connections.
One that sees their customers as more than just people, but people with unlimited potential.
We’re here for those looking for more than a building, more than technology, but people that truly make a difference. We’re here for wherever you are in life. And just as importantly, wherever you want to go.
In short, Amerant is here for you, for life. One beyond what you have imagined.

Personality And Communication Tone

Amerant’s communications should always reflect empathy and the close relationship it has or wants to develop with every customer. Our tone uses a personalized, thoughtful, straightforward and honest voice to inspire trust in its audience.

The content should always reflect the main brand attributes: trustworthiness, high touch service and community orientation.


Friendly 65%
Innovative 45%
Joyful 35%

Communication tone

Level of formality 60%
Colloquial language 20%

You - “Tú” Or “Usted” In Spanish

To be able to provide this level of personalization, we have to consider:

  • To whom the communication is addressed
  • The Business Unit, company or segment that sends it
  • The type of communication (mass or direct).

Depending on these variables, the treatment will be “Tú” or “Usted”.

  • For Institutional communications addressed to audiences such as: shareholders, government or related, the “Usted” is maintained.
  • When several segments (included sophisticated ones such as Private Banking) are addressed in the same communication, the “Usted” prevails
Amerant Brand Center

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