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Imagine Campaign


It’s time to use your imagination.
To imagine a place where just being there makes you smile.
A place you’d want to tell your family and friends about.
Imagine if from the get-go, it was obvious this place was filled with people you can trust.
And just imagine if each of those people see more for yourself than you may see in yourself…
with countless ways to help ensure your success, your happiness, and your well-being.
Now imagine if that place… was a bank.
Well imagine that!  There is one. We’re Amerant.
And we exist for those seeking a bank focused on purpose as much as performance.
For those wanting a bank committed to both its customers and the communities it serves.
A bank where in a digital driven world, strives to grow personal, emotional, and yes, human connections.
One that sees their customers as more than just people, but people with unlimited potential.
We’re here for those looking for more than a building, more than technology, but people that truly make a difference. We’re here for wherever you are in life. And just as importantly, wherever you want to go.
In short, Amerant is here for you, for life. One beyond what you have imagined.

Logo + Tagline

The tagline will accompany the logo when there is a need to add an emotional component to the work. It embodies the hopes and dreams of our customers, and what we strive to help them achieve.

The tagline should never be used in communications where specific products or services are discussed. This helps us build trust with our customers, both current and future.

Headline Treatment

“Imagine a bank” in the headline, should have the bold typeface. The rest of the headline sentence should have the “book” weight.

Headline sentences must be punctuated.

Graphic System

Standard design system for all the campaign communications. The tagline on the headline should always be bolded.

Advertising Examples - Q3 2023

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