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Secure banking with Amerant Bank - keeping you safe

Secure Banking with Amerant Bank 

When securely protecting and managing money, there’s nothing more important than partnering with a reliable and reputable financial institution. 

That’s where Amerant Bank comes in as a trusted option for products and services. The bank includes active community members committed to providing its clients secure banking services and personalized support through every step of their financial journey. Amerant is also member FDIC insured.

With over 40 years of industry experience, its team understands how critical secure banking services are. That’s why Amerant protects its clients’ accounts from malicious activities, such as unauthorized funds or sensitive data access. 

Amerant Bank’s Commitment to Security 

Amerant Bank considers protecting clients’ accounts and securing their personal information one of its most significant responsibilities. They take the following measures to ensure that exchanges and interactions have maximum privacy and protection. 

Cybersecurity Measures 

Amerant Bank has instituted robust security standards and advanced cybersecurity initiatives to provide clients with secure transactions and data encryption. For instance, its Secure Message e-mail platform ensures clients’ data remains confidential. It also takes steps to safeguard its platform against phishing attacks. The team upgrades Amerant Bank’s safeguard technology to leverage tools like multi-factor authentication, Security Controls, and fraud detection software. 

Compliance Measures 

Amerant Bank proactively ensures it adheres to and complies with all legal regulations. The company partners with law enforcement agencies to help stay up-to-date with its compliance responsibilities. This applies to both a local and federal level. 

Internal Training Measures 

At Amerant Bank, commitment to comprehensive security is deep-seated. That’s why Amerant knows that effective security starts at the root: with the team members. The employees adhere to Amerant Bank’s Code of Ethics and receive robust fraud and identity theft prevention training. 

Awareness Measures 

Its team knows that one of the most advantageous security efforts is education. Amerant Bank makes several resources available to its banking customers in various security areas. Its informative content provides security suggestions and promotes awareness of fraud, identity theft, and scams. 

Secure Banking Services with Amerant Bank 

Amerant Bank is proud to offer various bank account services to protect its clients’ finances and information. One of those features includes Overdraft Protection against overdraft fees. This works with debit cards provided by the bank.

Online and Mobile Banking 

With its online banking platform, Amerant Bank ensures the handling and processing clients’ needs are private and secure. 

Its platform supports customized checking account or savings account limits and notifications to alert clients to any suspicious activity and help prevent fraud. 

Account Protection 

Amerant Bank’s platform empowers its clients to create customized guardrails and notifications for their account(s). This means users can set up account features such as transfer limits, transaction alerts, and suspicious activity alerts to help prevent fraud. 

Whether looking for personal or business banking services, partnering with a reputable bank is essential. This way, clients can protect their money and personal information. With Amerant Bank, clients can rest assured that its primary objective is protecting their security and privacy. 

Learn more at amerantbank.com to read about different topics concerning security. You can also follow Amerant on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn @AmerantBank for tips, trends, and the latest news. 

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