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Use Card Controls with Amerant Mobile app to secure your finances anywhere
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Empower Your Financial Security: Introducing Card Controls on the Amerant Mobile App

Enhance your financial security and peace of mind with the latest Card Controls feature on your Amerant Mobile appSM. This powerful tool gives you complete control, management, and monitoring capabilities over card usage. This puts you in charge of your financial well-being.

Key Features of Card Controls:

  • Enable/disable card: Gain control over card usage by quickly toggling it on or off in case of loss or theft.
  • Set location controls: Limit the usage of your card to specific geographic regions. You can also block international transactions as you direct.
  • Select Merchant types: customize your preferences by allowing only certain transaction types or merchant types.
  • Threshold Transaction amount: Set a spending limit on your card. You can also receive alerts based on your spending patterns to detect unusual activity.

Maximize the power of your card and the security features available with Amerant Bank.

Benefits of Card Controls:

  • Enhanced security: You can safeguard against fraud and unauthorized spending by setting transaction controls. You may set spending limits based on your preferences.
  • Real-time monitoring: With a comprehensive transaction history, you can stay informed and control your finances. For added security, you can add instant alerts (accessible by clicking ‘More’ in the app menu.)

Take charge of your financial journey and security today. Leverage the powerful Card Controls feature with Amerant Mobile AppSM. Protect your money while efficiently managing your finances.

Learn more about these card control features and other Amerant offers. Visit Amerant’s security center for more information on keeping your account safe.

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