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2 people having fun at Amerant Bank's modernized Kendall Branch

Experience the Future of Banking: Amerant’s Kendall Banking Center Unveils a Modern Refresh

Amerant Bank is excited to unveil the extensive redesign of its Kendall Branch, signifying its unwavering commitment to provide the best experience for South Floridians seeking financial services. Nestled in the core of the Kendall neighborhood at 11633 North Kendall Drive, this revitalized branch stands as a pivotal milestone in Amerant’s journey to cater to the diverse needs of the Miami community.

Why Kendall?

We were drawn to Kendall’s lively community and its unique vibrancy. Our ongoing interactions with local residents have only reaffirmed our belief that Kendall is the ideal location for a modernized approach to banking. Our mission to create an inviting environment that fosters genuine connections and long-lasting relationships within the local community is strengthened by this much-welcomed revamp.

Our Goals for the Kendall Community

Headed by Alexander Angulo, Vice President and Market Manager at Amerant Bank, this branch was redesigned to provide innovative and personalized financial solutions that cater to the unique needs of Kendall’s residents and businesses. By actively listening to the needs of the community and responding with tailored banking solutions, we aim to be a trusted partner contributing to the neighborhood’s overall well-being.

International Banking

The Amerant Kendall Banking Center highlights a special focus on international banking services, recognizing the global landscape’s significance to our clients.

Our extensive network allows us to facilitate seamless cross-border transactions, providing convenient and efficient solutions for Kendall’s entrepreneurs with international interests. We are committed to helping local businesses expand their reach beyond borders, supporting their ambitions and endeavors on the global stage.

Commercial Banking

Amerant Bank’s specialized commercial banking services are at the heart of our commitment to Kendall’s business community. We celebrate Kendall’s entrepreneurial spirit and are here to offer tailored financial solutions that support businesses at every stage of their journey. 

Whether it’s providing flexible deposit solutions or offering strategic insights for established enterprises, our goal is to contribute to the sustained growth and success of Kendall’s vibrant business ecosystem.

Helping Kendall Thrive with Modernized Banking Solutions

The redesigned Kendall branch reflects Amerant’s commitment to this community’s growth and prosperity. With a continuous emphasis on building meaningful relationships and delivering high-quality financial solutions, we are confident that this branch will play a pivotal role in shaping a bright future of shared successes and ongoing community growth.

Learn more at amerantbank.com.

Amerant Editorial Team
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