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What to Expect During a Government Shutdown: Tips from Amerant’s Head of SBA Lending Yvonne Boucugnani

A government shutdown can be a challenging time for everyone, particularly for small businesses relying on services guaranteed by the federal government, such as Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. When the government ceases operations, it’s natural to wonder about the impact on essential financial support.

In the event of a government shutdown, new SBA loans cannot be processed or authorized, so here are three essential tips to help consumers navigate the situation:

1. Stay Informed

Stay updated with national news networks to understand the shutdown status. Remember that a government shutdown affects various services, and being informed will help you manage your expectations as to when you can expect to receive financing.

2. Continue Preparing

If you have an SBA loan in progress or underwriting, it’s essential to keep the process moving forward. Even if you can’t get an SBA loan number immediately, you can continue preparing your loan package, collecting financial information, and working with your lender. Being prepared puts you ahead of the game when things normalize.

3. Have a Backup Plan

Given the uncertainty surrounding government shutdowns it’s wise to have a backup plan in place, especially if you need funding urgently. Discuss alternative financing options with your lender and consider different approaches to achieve your goals.

Government shutdowns can be challenging and disruptive, but with the right information and proactive steps, you can minimize their impact on your financial goals. Remember, the hardest part of obtaining a loan is often the initial process of gathering documents and preparing your application. By staying informed and continuing your preparations, you can keep your financial objectives on track even in uncertain times.

While we can’t predict the duration of a government shutdown, we can always plan for the best and be prepared for the unexpected. For specific inquiries or assistance related to SBA loans, please contact your local branch or lender. To learn more about Amerant SBA Lending, visit https://www.amerantbank.com/products/business/business-loans/sba-loans/.

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