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Start the New Year off right by decluttering with Online Statements

Every day, we all do more and more digitally, from paying bills to shopping online. You may already use Online Banking on your computer and Mobile Banking on your phone. Did you know there is another way to simplify your banking?

Save paper. Get statements faster. Avoid mail delays. Enjoy all the convenience, privacy, and security of paperless statements when you sign up for Online Statements.

Here are the top 5 reasons to sign up for Online Statements.

1. Stay on Top of Your Finances

Just like a printed statement, Online Statements include all your account details and transactions for the statement period. You can select which of your accounts you want to enroll in Online Statements, including personal and business checking, savings, CD, credit card, mortgage, and loan accounts. It’s free* and is another way you can avoid monthly service fees on some accounts.

2. Available Anytime, Anywhere

We’ll notify you by email as soon as your Online Statement is available. Simply login to Online Banking or Mobile Banking using your phone, computer, tablet, or other mobile device for secure, convenient access whether you’re at home, on vacation or travelling in another country. You’ll have access to up to 2 years of statements if you need them.

3. Protect Against Identity Theft and Fraud

Since your Online and Mobile Banking is secured by your unique User ID and Password, your information is more secure than a mailed paper statement that can be stolen out of your mailbox or delivered to the wrong address. And you’ll have fewer documents to shred to keep your account and personal information private.

4. Go Green and Stay Organized

Electronic statements not only save trees, they also reduce the environmental impacts of printing, packaging, and delivering mail. Get rid of those piles of paper! You can download and store paperless statements on your computer for easy reference when you prepare taxes, apply for credit, or dispute a transaction. Plus, you’ll have less clutter around your home or office.

5. It’s Easy!

Signing up for Online Statements takes just a few clicks!

  • From Online Banking:  Click Accounts, and then navigate to Documents. Select the Delivery Services tab. Scroll down and select Online for your account, then check the box next to “I have read and agree to the terms of the Agreement” and hit submit.

Sometimes less really is more. Paperless is the way to go!

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*Amerant Bank does not charge a fee for Online Statements. Mobile and data charges may apply; check with your carrier.

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