Strategic Vision to Help you Meet your Needs and Goals

Listening to our clients and understanding their needs is what a dedicated Relationship Manager does at Amerant. Meeting financial goals is important for High Net Worth individuals3, but finding the time to do so may be cumbersome. At Amerant we have a dedicated team of Relationship Managers working together with different advisors to help our clients accomplish their financial needs while diversifying and protecting their assets.

We understand our client’s needs, so we are able to help in:

  • Choosing the right bank account to meet cash management strategies
  • Finding credit solutions to accomplish a long or short term goal
  • Building an investment portfolio1
  • Structuring tools to preserve the wealth among generations2
  • Assuring proper insurance coverage

International Private Banking

Amerant offers its international clients financial resources only possible with an institution possessing a global reach. Our professionals are able to access a world of diversified products and solutions, with the highest level of service to achieve all of their financial goals effectively.

Relationship Managers are dedicated to ensuring that our international clients receive the highest caliber of personalized service. Our financial professionals work with experts who carefully craft a strategic wealth management plan founded on the client’s goals and preferences.

Our Commitment

Integrated Services Designed for Specialized Needs
Tailored portfolios combining banking products, investment services, trust structures, and estate planning balanced to achieve performance.

Extensive expertise in banking and financial market management. Relationship Managers will provide the support and financial guidance to establish strategic wealth management plans.

Privileged Treatment
Preferred attention in every aspect of your banking relationship.

This is one of the ethical principles guiding our organization and all our client relationships. Our clients have the peace of mind knowing we are committed to their privacy.

Banking Flexible Solutions

Count on a highly qualified Relationship Manager that will be your link with Amerant, and who can provide customized banking services4 in order to optimize your financial position, increase the profitability of your investments, provide you with credit alternatives5 and offer access to comprehensive information at all times, with an emphasis on confidentiality of your information.
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Investment Solutions

Private Banking works together with Amerant Investments, Inc., a securities broker and adviser investments, to offer their customers custom solutions and strategies to optimize the return on capital.
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Trust Solutions

Private Banking works jointly with the Trust Services team, offering clients fiduciary structures that protect and manage their assets according to established agreements.
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Important Legal Disclosures and Information