Access account balances and holdings
Place equity trades (if applicable)

Review transaction history and order status

View market information, quotes,
statements, and much more

The Amerant Investments Mobile app provides you with an essential solution for managing your investments. Through the Amerant Investments Mobile app you have fully featured access to account information such as balances, holdings, activity, order status and placing equity trades while on the go (if applicable). Anytime, anywhere—that is the power of mobility. That is the power of the Amerant Investments Mobile app.

Amerant Investments Mobile for Apple Watch®

Provides quick and easy glances at your important financial activities. You can take advantage of the faster interactions on the Watch to stay up-to-date on your investment accounts.

Please note:

  • Account access, trade execution and system response may be affected by a variety of factors, including trading volumes, market conditions, phone and computer networks.
  • Fees, markups or commissions may be charged on trades. Please contact Amerant Investments for details.

Important Legal Disclosures and Information