Amerant Art – (Un) Balances

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Amerant continues our commitment to support the arts with a series of art exhibitions in our office spaces. The exhibition changes three times each year to showcase a diverse range of mediums, perspectives and talents. Our current installation celebrates the theme, “(UN)BALANCES.”

Since we continue to practice safe social distancing, Amerant is once again utilizing our digital space to share these colorful works of art with you. This new exhibition exemplifies many of the works that are featured in Miami’s famed Art Basel.

We invite you to enjoy Amerant Art by simply clicking a button below to begin a floor-by-floor tour of our newest exhibit – including the premier of a sculpture garden in the lobby of our Coral Gables headquarters office, through February 2021.

Amerant Art exhibitions are curated by Espacio Visible, which is led by Adriana Gómez and Anilu Gómez, two of the area’s most respected art consultants.

To view the (Un)Balances exhibition catalog, Click Here.

Inside Amerant Art

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About the Artists:


Alberto Cavalieri is a Miami-based Venezuelan artist who has more than 20 years of career. His work is present in multiples private and public collections. “Ever since I began making art, I’ve been interested in the physical and mechanical aspects of objects, as well as the three-dimensional forms they take on in my work. I find sculpture the best way to resolve and turn the conceptual problems I deal with into tangible forms. My sculptures are part of a research process in which each piece leads on to the next. I work in various approaches and my creative process change and evolve as I go along. My work focuses on challenging our physical laws and altering our sense of logic, in bending and transforming materials to create the impression that the works are not man-made.


Ignacio Muv has studies in Architecture, is Visual Artist and Chef Terrae University, Catholic University of Chile, Ecole Culinaire Francaise). Ignacio addresses the potential of painting as a material. His artworks present the painting from its tactile, sensory and virtual dimension; where the dialogue between the painting, the frame and the canvas is direct, suppressing the formal obligations in that relation. In the execution of his artwork, he proposes a crossing with his professions. Ignacio has been represented by prestigious galleries in NYC. His artwork has been exhibited in important Contemporary Art Fairs (Art Southampton, Pulse Art NY, Pulse Art Miami, Art Miami, Scope Art, Art Tokyo, among others) and these are in important private and public Collections around the world.


I am a Jamaican-born, Miami-based multimedia artist. My work includes poetry, street art, fashion, performance, event coordinating and visual art. The interest, need and love for creativity began as an early teen. It was the greatest and healthiest way to express and interpret my life at the time, and it stuck with me until now. Creating is my life. My poetry expresses social injustices, personal experiences and the common struggles of everyday life. My street artwork reflects bright colors as well as intricately mixed vivid geometric patterns. I call this method "Tapenology." I am influenced by the sequence of nature and the tropical landscape, as well as the architecture of Miami. My work can be seen throughout the streets of Miami. My other art works consist of intricate collages and acrylic on canvas.


Marianela Pérez is a Venezuelan visual artist who has developed her expertise within painting and photography. She studied commercial art at Endicott College (Beverly, Massachusetts), where her enthusiasm for the visual arts was guided through technical learning and training in her plastic sensibilities. Her exhibition activity begins in 2001, but strengthens after 2009. After moving to Miami in 2017, the artist began to investigate more decisively the geometric abstract language, which she uses as a way of perceiving, thinking and interpreting reality and to give an aesthetic sense to its subjectivity. Pérez has participated in group exhibitions in Caracas, Miami, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Saratoga, San Francisco, New York, London, Madrid and Brussels. Individually she has exhibited her work in Miami and Caracas.


My interest for the arts started at a very young age, and since then I began studying in centers of artistic education my secondary and middle school. Thanks to the good results in these studies, I entered the Higher Institute of Art of Havana (ISA) where I graduated in 1990. I study to reinterpret expressive elements in my paintings, starting from the fundamental movements in the artistic history of the 20th century, such as Constructivism, Pop, Abstraction, Neo Expressionism and Neo Figuration. At the same time, I am interested in reflecting on the problems and contradictions of Cuban culture and society. I incorporate into my paintings, iconographies of political content, such as national buildings and monuments, as well as erotic elements, exposed in the painting from a visual landscape perspective.


Born in New York in 1978, Rafael is an artist based in Miami, Florida. His work acknowledges our perpetual relationship with standardized utilitarian objects placing them in a plane of abstraction. Through sculpture, photography and painting, Rafael investigates in how the visual language established by mega industries affect our life and how we identify with it to a point that it becomes implicit to us. After he received a BFA at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Rangel´s work has been shown at Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Caracas. Museo Interoceanico del Canal de Panama, Panama City. Coral Gables Museum, Miami, Fl. Galeria de Arte Nacional, Caracas and Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas. He received the Perez Mujica Award from the 66 Bienal Salon Arturo Michelena, Museo Braulio Salazar, Valencia, The Venezuelan National Young Artist Armando Reveron Award from Asociacion Venezolana de Artistas Plasticos AVAP, and The Circle Award of Excellence from Pratt Institute.


Pedro Vizcaíno, originally from Cuba, was born in Havana in 1966. He was one of the eight members of the renowned Arte Calle collective, one of the exceptional alternative art “guerrillas” of the eighties, in Cuba, which would briefly survive between 1986 and 1988. He left Cuba in 1992, via Mexico, settling in Miami in 1993. He does not limit his work to a specific historical or social context. His art pieces are the testimony of a globalization that not only encompasses the markets, but also the misery and violence; and the pictorial monsters to which he appeals speak volumes about the temptations that globalization also universalizes.


Sigfredo Chacón (Caracas, 1950) studied fine art at Escuela Cristóbal Rojas for a brief period of time before receiving a degree in graphic design from the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas. Even before graduating, Chacón had a solo show at Galería Gamma, Caracas and was featured in group shows at el Salón Círculo Pez Dorado, el Salón de la Joven Pintura, el II Festival de Zapato Roto, la Galería El Muro, Galería Estudio Actual and the XXVIII Salón Arturo Michelena, all in Venezuela. In 1971, Chacón furthered his studies in London where he participated in a special graphic design course at the Chelsea School of Art and studied typographic design at the London College of Printing. In 1977, he became a professor at his alma mater, Instituto de Diseño. His work is represented in public and private collections across the globe. Chacón lives and works in Caracas and Miami.