Lobby - Artistic Overview

“Ever since I began making art, I’ve been interested in the physical and mechanical aspects of objects, as well as the three-dimensional forms they take on in my work. I find sculpture the best way to resolve and turn the conceptual problems I deal with into tangible forms. My sculptures are part of a research process in which each piece leads on to the next. I work in various approaches and my creative process change and evolve as I go along.

My work focuses on challenging our physical laws and altering our sense of logic, in bending and transforming materials to create the impression that the works are not man-made. I create sinuous, contorting steel forms that outline spaces in an organic way; forms that seems to be levitating. I like the idea that my pieces enter a complex dialogue with the spaces they occupy and create off-rhythms that unsettle the horizontal and vertical order we presuppose with our Cartesian conception of space. To create the sculptures, I have had to develop my own techniques and tools and tried out different processes that range from hi-tech, numerical control to traditional steelwork.

Metal allows me to create an overriding paradox between matter and form: to create sinuous forms that are full of life and movement, in clear contrast to the rigidity and structure of the material –steel– I use to make them. Knots are one of the abstract forms I use, and their multiple symbolisms increase the scope and resonance of my work. Knots imply human activity and they have different connotations in terms of how they are used; connotations that could even be contradictory and/or ambivalent. Man makes knots to solve countless functional situations: they are a metaphor for life.“

- Alberto Cavalieri, Miami-based Venezuelan artist