Floor 12 - Artistic Overview

The perception of color has been a goal of the visual arts through time, along with other components such as composition, which favor the understanding of form in painting or drawing. In contemporary art, color plays an emotional role. Optical blends derived from pointillism and cinetism are no longer important. It is essential to summon a pleasing sensation - or not. The work grouped in the (UN) BALANCES project of the Amerant Art Program aims to interpret this paradox.

On the one hand is the work with structured compositions that rely on an array of intense and dynamic colors, and on the other, works that refuse any order whatsoever in their development. Erasures, gestures, unrecognizable shapes, strident colors that appeal to the lack of order needed to understand the world. Undoubtedly, the strategic intensity and diversity in which participating artists address the visual act are aimed to provoke, to shake our perception.